UI Extensions for services

Is there any way I can create UI extensions for services? I've been able to do it for servers, but I'd really like to create a tab for Kubernetes container management.


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    Taylor Meek Official comment

    Hi Dylan,

    This is now supported in the forthcoming CloudBolt 7.0 as of alpha9. I just uploaded our sample code for this in the forge at https://github.com/CloudBoltSoftware/cloudbolt-forge/tree/master/ui_extensions/sample_service_extension

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

    Taylor Meek
    CloudBolt Software

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    Thomas Hamlin


    Great question. Currently you can create tab extensions for detail views of the following models: Server, Group, Environment, and ServiceBlueprint (only managers can view those). Unfortunately the Service model is not yet supported, which explains why there is no sample for it on the CloudBolt forge.

    I've filed an RFE to support service tab extensions and will see if I can fit it into one of the next upcoming alpha releases.



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    Dylan Turnbull

    I just wanted to follow up. Were we able to do this? I'm really looking forward to building some new UI extensions.

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    Thomas Hamlin

    Yes, the following objects support detail view tab extensions:

    • Group
    • Environment
    • Server
    • ResourceHandler
    • Blueprint
    • Service

    And of course there are other extension types: Dashboard panels, Reports, and Admin views.

    By the way, we have a new UI Extensions section in the docs as of 7.6.

    In 7.7 there will be additional notes about front end assets for extensions (JavaScript libs, how to add custom images, etc).

    We'd love feedback on ways we can improve this documentation and support your efforts in this area. Also, keep in mind if an extension solves a common problem, we'd love to help share it with the rest of the CloudBolt user community via the Content Library.

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    Jon Hendo

    i think u can find on the ui extensions section here: http://docs.cloudbolt.io/administration/ui-extensions.html


    hope it will help btw. VE

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