How to use CSMP integration feature

CSMP currently can be integrated with Slack , MS Teams and ServiceNow to basically get alerts/notification for CSMP modules.

Example use case:

We want to receive the budget notification when the cloud provider’s threshold limit is nearing(for ex.80%) or has crossed the budget.


You should have created budget in CSMP in cost → Budgets section


To receive the budget notification, you can use integration feature in CSMP for platfroms such as Slack,MS teams and Service now.

NOTE: These integrations are User specific. only the administrator who sets up integrations in CSMP can see and administer them and even if other admins have the admin role, they won’t be able to view the existing integrations.

Similarly, You can also receive notification for other modules such as Event scheduler, Favourite report, RI and Security and compliance adviser for “Slack Intergation”

For MS teams and service now only Budget notification module is available.

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