Migrating IPAM and DNS managed objects between policies


How to associate generated managed objects for IPAM and DNS to a different policy rather then the original one that was created by. Customers are not able to remove any policy that has existing managed objects in existence. Re-associating these managed objects with a new policy will allow for the later removal under that policy as well as the ability to delete (if so desired) the prior policy.


Customers who want to switch vendors/endpoints for IPAM and DNS. This is not currently supported by the OneFuse Platfomr.

Affected Versions

  • 1.1

Workaround or Solution

It is advised that prior to do the following operation that you take a backup of your OneFuse database.


The following process details how a user can re-associate managed objects with IPAM or DNS policies.

Migrating IPAM managed objects to a new IPAM policy

  1. python manage.py shell_plus

  2. IpamReservation.objects.filter(policy=1).update(policy=2)

    1. Where 1 is the id of the current IPAM policy

    2. and 2 is the new IPAM policy


Migrating DNS managed objects to a new DNS policy

  1. Download the attached dns_migrate_script.tgz

  2. Unpack the tarball and extract the script scripts/migrate_dns_reservation.py

  3. Upload migrate_dns_reservation.py to your appliance and place in /opt/cloudbolt

  4. Determine the two policies you want to migrate from and to

    1. Edit the script and define from_policy_id= and to_policy_id= where the values are the ids of the specific policies

    2. Likewise update the values for split_host_record= and combine_a_and_ptr_to_host_record=

      1. Values should be updated to reflect the providers you are switching from and to True or False

        1. Note: this does NOT change the provider of the policy, but rather migrates the existing managed object from the previous policy to the new policy


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