How To Create Aliases for Parameter Labels and Options


This article discusses how to supply a new label and/or options for a parameter by wrapping an existing parameter with a pre-configuration parameter. In this article, we will consider the following example:

The default provisioning form for a new server in AWS includes a field that presents the user with a list of AWS instance types. This field is labeled "Instance types" and the options include several AWS-defined server instance types that dictate the number of CPUs, RAM, and Storage available to an AWS server instance, e.g. m1.large, m1.small, m1.xlarge. This example wraps this parameter in a new pre-configuration parameter labeled "Server Configuration" with three options that provide more descriptive options for users.


You need a CloudBolt Admin role to execute this solution.


  1. Go to Admin, select "Preconfigurations" and click "New preconfiguration"

  2. Set the label to "Server Configuration", check the checkbox next to the parameter labeled "Instance type", and click "Save"

  3. At the list of preconfigurations, click the "pencil" icon to edit the list of available options to our new preconfiguration

  4. For each instance type you'd like to expose to the user, enter an option name instance type EXACTLY as it's presented in the original "Instance type" parameter as an option and a corresponding value:

    • Option Name = Small (1 CPU, 3.75GB RAM, 420GB); Instance type = m1.small

    • Option Name = Medium (2 CPU, 7.5GB RAM, 2x420GB); Instance type = m1.large

    • Option Name = Large (4 CPU, 15GB RAM, 4x420GB); Instance type = m1.xlarge

  5. Repeat for as many options you'd like. NOTE: support for specifying the order of these options will be coming soon (as of v.4.3.2)

  6. Now add your new preconfiguration to the parameters list for the appropriate environment.

  7. The result viewed from an order form:

Additional information

Alternative solutions can be found at!cloudbolt-latest-docs/generated-parameter-options

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