How To change the ‘Key Pair Name’ (OOTB Import Parameter) from an input box to a drop-down list


This document addresses how to convert an 'Out of the box” import parameter: Key Pair Name from an input box to a drop-down list on the blueprint order form. As shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Key Pair Name field on Blueprint order order


The Key Pair Name parameter is found under OpenStack environment >> OpenStack Parameter (only if you have imported this). As shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Key Pair Name Parameter

In order to change the Key pair name field in your blueprint order form from an input box to a drop-down option box, you can follow the steps in the Procedure section.


Step 1: Click on the Key Pair Name parameter under OpenStack environment >> OpenStack Parameter. You will come to the following page shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3: Key Pair Name Parameter Edit

Step 2: You will find an orchestration action called: ‘Generate Options for SSH Keys’.

Figure 4: Generate Options for SSH Keys

a) Click on the ‘Generate Options for SSH Keys’ hyperlink

b) Navigate to all Actions >> Orchestration Actions

c) From the dropdown click on ‘Other’ >> Generated Parameter Options

d) The Generate Options for SSH Keys hook point is enabled need to be disabled.

Figure 5: hook point disabled

Step 3: When you navigate back to your Blueprint Order Form and refresh, it will show you the drop-down option box for the Key Pair Name field.

Figure 6: Fresh order form after the change

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