How To Provide Separate Schedules for Resource Handler Synchronization


There are cases where it makes sense to provide separate sync schedules for specific resource handlers.


To create such a schedule, go to the specific Resource Handler instance you'd like to schedule on its own, click the "Servers" tab, then click the button labeled "Sync VMs from resource handler". This action will kick off a new CloudBolt job -- note the Job ID for this job.


Step 1: Create a new "Recurring Job" for this sync

Go to "Admin > Recurring Jobs", then select "Add from job" which is accessible from the "Add a recurring job" button drop-down

Step 2

In the "Add a Recurring Job" dialog, enter a name, cron expression, and the Job ID noted above. For example, to sync every hour on the hour, enter the expression: 0 0 * ? * *

You will now have a new Recurring Job that will sync the specified resource handler according to the cron schedule specified.

Additional information

Note: The main "Sync all Resource Handlers" recurring job will continue to sync ALL resource handlers. If this is not desired, then the above process should be repeated for each resource handler.

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