How To Install CloudBolt On OpenStack


This article talks about how to convert CloudBolt OVA to Quemo to install it on OpenStack


You should have familiarity with the qemu-img command


Step 1 Get the CB vmdk for a specific version and Extract it

  1. Go to

  2. Download the OVA i.e CloudBolt_9.3_6acbb21.ova

  3. Run tar xvf to extract the ova

Step 2 Use qemu-img to generate the qcow file from the virtual disk

  1. Run this command on the vmdk qemu-img convert -O qcow2 CloudBolt-*.vmdk CloudBolt-name.qcow2 ​ 

Step 3 Install the cloudbolt-name.qcow2 image in openstack

  1. Move the cloudbolt-name.qcow2 to Openstack

  2. Deploy the cloudbolt-name.qcow2 in openstack

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