How To Customize the User Session Timeout (AKA Auto-Logout on Inactivity)


This article discusses how to customize CloudBolt user auto-logout on inactivity


You must be a root user to make the customization


Step 1 ssh as root to the CloudBolt server

  1. Edit /var/opt/cloudbolt/proserv/

  2. add a line to the file:

    • SESSION_COOKIE_AGE = 60 * 30  # 30 minute inactivity timeout

    • That will set the user timeout in seconds. in this example, the users will be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity

  3. Restart apache: service httpd restart

TIP: To test that this is working, you could set the timeout to 2 seconds, ensure that you are auto-logged out very quickly after logging in, and then adjust the timeout to something appropriately higher.

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