How To Extend/Expand CloudBolt Root Disk Size


The CloudBolt appliance ships with LVM installed, therefore it's relatively easy to expand the root disk partition.


The following steps in the procedure section allow you to expand the root disk partition online without rebooting the CloudBolt appliance beyond its default size of 40GB.


Step 1: Add a new disk to the CloudBolt VM.

Step 2: Format this new disk with (in this case /dev/sdb) with a linux partition

a) Run this command: `cfdisk /dev/sdb`

i. In cfdisk, select the free space, and then select "New" at bottom of terminal.

ii. Make the new partition a `Logical` partition.

iii. Enter the amount of disk space you want to add to the CloudBolt appliance.

iv. Select `Write` to save changes. You may have to make the partition `Bootable` to allow it to write.

Step 3: Add physical disk to LVM: `pvcreate /dev/sdb1`

Step 4: Add physical volume to volume group: `vgextend vg_c2 /dev/sdb1`. If that command does not work, try `vgdisplay` to check the name of your volume group and use that in place of `vg_c2`

Step 5: Extend the logical volume: `lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/vg_c2-lv_root`

Step 6: Resize the file system: `resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg_c2-lv_root. For these last two steps, do the same as step #4, change `vg_c2` to the name of your volume group.

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