How-To Integrate a 3rd Party Tool - Part 1: Overview


This will be a series of articles that teach you how to provide a complete integration using the powerful extensibility features within the CloudBolt (CB) platform. There are many integrations provided out of the box (OOTB) but it is impossible to include every 3rd party tool in existence. Each organization will have a unique set of tools, some of which are not common and/or not an OOTB integration in CB. Our development cycles and roadmap are extremely agile and we always accept requested featured enhancements (RFE). If the time slot on the roadmap does not work with your project deadline, you can purchase service hours and schedule with the CB Professional Services team to complete the work. Lastly, and this is what this series of articles will discuss, you can create a complete integration using one or more of the many extensible features. Let’s get started.



CB is developed on the Django Web Framework. Knowledge of this framework is key when attempting to develop any UI Extensions (XUI). Even a beginner in Django will quickly understand that a XUI is scaled version of a Django app. If you possess Django development skills, you will thrive in creating XUIs. Experience with REST APIs and JSON/XML is also important to tackle an integration. It is not recommended but some oder tools may only support SOAP. Finally, you must also be equipped with general Python skills. Django itself is written in Python and the CB plugins are in a general sense, a Python script. Finally, it is extremely helpful if you are familiar with the Object Relational Model (ORM).

Project Deadline:

  • If your project deadline is flexible and you possess some or all of the skills mentioned above, it is recommended that you attempt a XUI using resources in your organization.

  • If your project deadline is short and not flexible, it is recommended that you budget for using CB professional services.

  • If you have no immediate project deadline, you can inquire about a RFE and a time slot on the roadmap.


  • If you do not have an available budget for this project, consider your deadline and choose the RFE or a self development approach.

  • If you do have a budget for this project, consider your deadline and choose CB Professional Services or a self development approach.


  • If you require long term support, it is recommended you submit a RFE. CB Professional Service hours can be used to escalate the roadmap priority.

  • If you choose CB Professional services, the warranty/support is outline in our publicly available Professional Services Agreement (PSA).


Follow this series of articles. It is not recommended to skip any articles covering topics you are familiar with. You may learn some new best practices.

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