How to hide Support button in CMP


This article discusses the steps to take in order to hide the support button from the CMP portal.


Make sure to test the customization in each upgrade before running the upgrader in your production environment where this customization exists.


Step 1 Make modifications to the template

  1. ssh to your CloudBolt server

  2. Create the directory 


3. Copy header.html using this command:

scp /opt/cloudbolt/templates/common/header.html /var/opt/cloudbolt/proserv/templates/common/

4. Edit the copied file at 

/var/opt/cloudbolt/proserv/templates/common/header.html and remove this section of code:

<div class="dropdown-menu__actions">
    <div class="quick-actions">
        <h2 class="heading-5 bold panel-title">Quick Actions</h2>
        <a href="" target="blank" class="cb-btn cb-btn-secondary">Create a Support Ticket</a>

5. Save your changes to header.html

Step 2 Restart apache

service httpd restart

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