Shell_Plus does not auto-completing to see methods on objects


The article explains a workaround for when Shell Plus isn’t autocompleting for more options when using the tab


  1. SSH into appliance

  2. start shell_plus with /opt/cloudbolt/ shell_plus

  3. enter the following:

    import IPython
    ipy = IPython.get_ipython()
    get_ipython().Completer.use_jedi = False
  4. If needed, you can add python code to run when starting shell_plus with the following:

    1. ssh into your appliance

    2. adds a python file to the directory /root/.ipython/profile_default/startup/

      1. file must be preceded by two numbers and a hyphen (,,, etc)

      2. enter the above code into the python file and save, this should run whenever you start shell_plus

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