How-to notify admins when an order fails


This article will cover how to add a script to the post order hook point that notifies admins of an order completion only when the order fails


Create the action

  1. In your Cloudbolt instance, navigate to Admin → Orchestration Actions → Post-Order Execution

  2. Select “Add an action”

  3. Create a new Cloudbolt Plugin

Disable all other actions under that hookpoint

  1. If there are any other actions enabled under the “Post-Order Execution” hookpoint, make sure you disable them before trying to use this plugin, or it will not work.

Add code to newly created action

  1. Copy the contents of the below code snippet and add it to the action that we created in previous steps.

from utilities.mail import email_admin
from portals.models import PortalConfig
import urllib.parse
from utilities.logger import ThreadLogger
logger = ThreadLogger(__name__)

def run(order, *args, **kwargs):
    if order.status =="FAILURE":
      portal = PortalConfig.get_current_portal()
      url = urllib.parse.urljoin(site_url,order.get_absolute_url())"THE URLS IS {url} and status is {order.status}")
      body_text = '{} FAILED. THIS IS AT POST ORDER  here: {}.'.format(order, url)
      email_context = {"message":body_text, "subject":"Support Action Required POST ORDER: User order failed. "}
      email_admin(slug='job-failure', context=email_context)
      return "SUCCESSFUL", "", ""
        return "SUCCESSFUL", "", ""

Additional information

This plugin uses the “Admin Email” field under Admin → Email Settings → Admin Email, make sure to set that, or no one will receive any emails.

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