Unable to delete resource handler due to 'unhashable type: NSXScope' error


Sometimes when trying to delete a resource handler you will run into the error

unhashable type : NSXScope

This article is going to go over how to get around this and be able to delete the resource handler from CMP.


When trying to delete a resource handler that was previously attached to an NSX instance this can happen.

Workaround or Solution


We have to assign the NSXEdge and NSXScope objects in the database a hash function, because one does not exist for them normally.

Open shell_plus

  1. SSH into your CloudBolt CMP instance

  2. Run this command: /opt/cloudbolt/manage.py shell_plus to open an interactive python shell

Add a hash function to the two NSX objects

  1. Enter these commands:

NSXEdge.__hash__ = super.__hash__
NSXScope.__hash__ = super.__hash__

Try to delete the resource handler

  1. You can do this one of two ways.

    1. In shell_plus, grab the ResourceHandler object like this: rh = ResourceHandler.objects.get(id=<rh_id>)

      1. Make sure you replace <rh_id> with the id of the resource handler you want to delete, this can be found in the URL while on the resource handlers details page.

    2. Then run this command: rh.delete() to delete the resource handler

    3. You can also just navigate back to the CloudBolt UI and use the “Delete” button on the Resource Handlers details page as well.

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