CMP Minimum Required Permissions


  1. ServiceNow CMDB is properly configured

  2. ServiceNow CMDB service user account must have Web Service admin and Asset rights and rights to add/update/delete records


  1. Infoblox user on (all) Infoblox appliance(s) with the following permissions:

    1. Under Allowed InterfacesAPI and GUI access are both checked

    2. Must have and Grid Admin Role for IPAM management, DNS Admin role for DNS record management.

Active Directory (UPDATE)

  1. Define domain controller server(s) and whether or not proxy servers will be used

  2. Install AD Webservices on all the domain controllers that will be used

    1. Please note that for newer AD hosts (2012 and above) have AD WebServices pre-installed

  3. Ensure NTP is set up correctly

  4. Identify Build and Placement OU’s distingished names and delegate create/destroy/modify rights to a Service Account.



  1. Access to AWS Cloud Console

    1. Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for Service Account

    2. List of AWS Regions and AMI ID’s that would like to be used


Nutanix Acropolis

  1. Nutanix Acropolis is properly configured

  2. Nutanix Acropolis user account must have Cluster Admin, User Admin, Viewer permissions


Splunk Enterprise

  1. SplunkForwarder should not be installed on your CloudBolt server when you go to create a Splunk SIEM provider.

  2. A Splunk Universal Forwarder (≥ v7.0) tarball should be present on your CloudBolt server in /var/ or one of its non-/tmp/ subdirectories, and should be owned by the apache user: chown apache /var/.../splunkforwarder-*.tgz

  3. The remote Splunk server (receiver) has at least one receiving port enabled


  4. Splunk Local Admin Account

More at CloudBolt Docs - Splunk


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