How To Move Database password to an environment variable in CB Appliance?


This article talks about moving database password from to an environment variable


This article assumes that the CloudBolt database lives in an external server and the database connection was overridden at at /var/opt/cloudbolt/proserv directory.


Step 1 Define an env variable

  1. Follow the steps mentioned at

Step 2 Modify JobEngine config file to respect the env variable

  1. SSH to the CB box

  2. Go to /etc/supervisord.d 

  3. Run  vi jobengine.conf and add the DB password at the end of the env variable like this

    1. [program:jobengine]

    2. Restart the JE and supervisord daemon by running service supervisord restart

In this example, CB_DBA_MYSQL_PASSWORD is the env variable defined at Step 1.

Step 3 Test the configuration

  1. Run a job and make sure the job is picked up by the jobengine.

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