Users Are Receiving Multiple Emails For the Same Expiring Server


Users are receiving multiple of the same email notifications for an expiring server.


In an HA Environment, the expiry cron job is being kicked off by each server.



You will need to keep the expiry cron job active on only one of your servers.

i.e. If your HA setup is like below:

1. Web server

2. Web server

3. Jobengine server

You will remove the expiry cron job from 2 of the 3 servers.

Do the following on all but one of your servers:

  1. ssh to the CloudBolt server

  2. Run the command crontab -e

  3. Add a # to the beginning of the below line to comment it out:

    0 0 * * * /opt/cloudbolt/jobengine/ >> /var/log/cloudbolt/expirescan.log 2>&1
  4. Save you changes and users will now receive a single email!

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