Backup and Restore of OneFuse Appliance


The provided procedure will cover the Backup and Restore process for the OneFuse appliance.


The steps provided below assume a single-ova instance. The steps can be adapted if using an HA set-up to restore the necessary files/db to the appropriate locations.


Backup of OneFuse Appliance

Any backup tool/strategy of the enterprise can be used for the OneFuse Appliance. The critical data needed from the appliance is as follows.

  1. Create a recent MSSQL Dump of the "cloudbolt" database.

    Note: this can be created manually by executing the following command on the appliance.

     mysqldump -u root -pVi-gn3tt3 --opt cloudbolt > /tmp/cloudbolt.sql

  2. Create a Backup of the following directories.


Location (for non-monolithic installs)


all nodes


all nodes running Job Engine role


all nodes running Web Server role

Keep in mind the backups of the directories and SQL Dump should be closely time-stamped to ensure integrity when restored. (ie. jobs in Database have corresponding logs)

If your CloudBolt instance is on a single appliance (monolithic), all the paths in the table above would be backed up/restored to that single appliance instance. See the Reference Architecture document for more information on distribution of Web Server and Job Engine roles.

Restoring the OneFuse instance

In the event of a complete loss of the Virtual Appliance a complete recovery can be made given the proper backup material outlined above. Follow the steps below to recreate the OneFuse instance.

Deploy the Appliance

  1. Deploy the same version of the .ova(s) as was being used previously.

  2. Complete Deployment steps found here:!onefuse-latest/install-from-ova for the OneFuse appliance(s).

  3. During setup use the same FQDN/IP address(es) as used previously.

  4. Copy & overwrite the following directories from backup. (WinSCP or from Linux command line)


Location (for non-monolithic installs)


all nodes


all nodes running Job Engine role


all nodes running Web Server role

Restore the MYSQL Database

  1. Copy the MYSQL backup file (cloudbolt.sql) to /tmp/cloudbolt.sql

  2. SSH to the appliance and run the following MYSQL commands:


mysql -u root -pVi-gn3tt3 cloudbolt < /tmp/cloudbolt.sql

mysql -u root -pVi-gn3tt3 cloudbolt

show databases;

use cloudbolt;

show tables;

SELECT * FROM job_log

 Note: The above command will list all the jobs found in the 'job_log' table from the backup.




If database restored properly, restart the Apache service from the appliance(s) command line.

Service httpd restart

 Validate OneFuse functionality

  1. Browse to the appliance(s) web portal. http://[fqdn].

  2. Wait a minute or so the previous Policy, Jobs and Managed Objects should be visible.

  3. Click on the wrench icon in the top right and confirm the License file is present.

Restoration complete, continue using OneFuse!

Additional information

For any additional questions, or assistance follow support process as .

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