How To Retrieve Server and Resource handler information in a Web-Hook


This KBA discusses how to retrieve objects such as server, resource handler and etc in a Web-Hook that runs after provisioning job in CMP.


Take a look at the!cloudbolt-latest-docs/webhooks/a/h1__2079605480 and configure a webhook as a post provisioning item either as a build item in a blueprint or as an orchestration action at the Post-Provision hook point


Step 1 Modify the Body of the webhook with the following Payload

'hostname':'{{ server.hostname }}',
'group': '{{ }}',
'resource handler': '{{server.resource_handler}}'

Step 2 look at the JSON file of the job that runs the webhook to see the result.

Additional information!cloudbolt-latest-docs/webhooks/a/h2_1706682916

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