How-to change the name of an XUI tab


This KBA discussed how to modify an existing UI extension.


Make sure the UI Extension you are trying to change the name of is a tab UI extension. For example, a UI extension that adds a tab to the server details page for “Cost”.


Gain access to the Cloudbolt VM via SSH

  1. Open a terminal session

  2. Run this command: “ssh root@<cloudbolt_ip>”

  3. Enter the password to the Cloudbolt vm. Out of the box the password is “cloudbolt”

Navigate to the XUI directory

  1. cd into the XUI directory with this command: “cd /var/opt/cloudbolt/proserv/xui/”

  2. Run this command to view all the UI extensions on the Cloudbolt VM: “ls -la”

  3. Find the file you want to edit and run this command: “cd <name_of_xui_file>”

Modify the name of the XUI tab

  1. Run this command to enter a text editor for the XUI: “vi”

  2. Press the “i” key on your keyboard to enter “insert” mode to be able to edit the python file.

  3. On line 14 or so (this may vary from XUI to XUI), there should be a line that looks like this: ​@tab_extension(model=Server, title='Costs', delegate=ServerCostDetailsTabDelegate)

  4. Change the “title” attribute from “Costs”, in the example above, to whatever name you want the tab to display on the UI.

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