OneFuse - Data too long for column


When adding a new name into OneFuse, you will see a “Data too long for column” or “1024 Character Limite” error. This is a temporary workaround for now until Development provides a fix


This happens because there’s a character limit of 1024 on the naming data for each naming sequence

Affected Versions

  • OneFuse 1.1/1.2/1.3

Workaround or Solution


We will need to SSH into the OneFuse Appliance and get into Shell_Plus to edit the naming data for the naming sequence.

OneFuse and Shell_Plus

  1. SSH into your OneFuse Appliance

  2. Once you’re logged in, you will need to get into Shell_Plus by entering this command → /opt/cloudbolt/ shell_plus

  3. Now that you’re in shell_plus, you will need to run the below commands

    sequence = NamingSequence.objects.get(name="YOURNAMINGSEQUENCE”)

  4. Copy out all of the data (from { to }) that’s returned from the last command. Example below

  5. As you can see from the screenshot above we are at 1070 characters. We need to get this down to under 1024 to continue. The easiest way would be to remove any naming values that are not needed. You can also leave each naming value as a new line or bring it all down to 1 line.
    Not Tested: Removing the space after the colon

  6. Now that we’re down to 856 characters, we’re good to go back to shell_plus and update the dictionary

  7. Once you’re back into shell_plus, run these commands below

    sequence.naming_data = fixed data from notepad

Here’s an example of what i’m using (DO NOT USE THIS)

sequence.naming_data = {'girtestss': '2','girtestfgg': '2','girtesthyj': '2','girtestnhj': '2','girtestnyij': '2','girtestnhhj': '2','girtesthju': '2','girtesthje': '2','girtestklk': '2','girtestdfd': '2','girtestdgs': '2','girtestsaa': '2','giraaattt': '2','giraadgsg': '2','giraadhgf': '2','giravgfgf': '2','shdshshsh': '2','asfafgaege': '2','asfdsdsjkjk': '2','asdshsdhfdh': '2','kklalsppg': '2','llpppookjjjj': '2','dxdfxfgxg': '2','iiowoirao': '2','kkosfkaspa': '2','ssaaewaeasdf': '2','ajwjewjnfkf': '2','qweqwrfkf': '2','wwkrrkfjg': '2','orkorkorlyl': '2','xznmcnzxmcz': '2','mcnxnxbbsks': '2','sssfmflslfo': '2','mnjkhhokkfk': '2','nnsafgjlao': '2','iwolalfgjk': '4','wukmabjgll': '2','lksfnpppoo': '3','kkjjasklfp': '4','wplakgnkgo': '2','klladgogpdgp': '2','quiwikfajgk': '4','lkkasogpgp': '4','girtewlpsggg': '2','roolakogpp': '2','lalfkalfkapk': '2','webmaster': '2'}

8. Now that you’ve ran that last command, we should be good to send a build through to make sure everything’s working. type exit to get out of shell_plus and send a build through

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