Unable to log into CloudBolt using SSO after changing user details


When an existing user changes their firstname, surname or Email Address. You may find that they can no longer log into CloudBolt using SSO.


When you have SSO Configured you will have potentially set the required attributes to:

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

If a user changes one of these attributes in your Idp it may fail as it can no longer match the 3 required attributes to the existing account.

Affected Versions

  • All versions



There are potentially two (2) work arounds. The first is to remove the common required attributes that users usually change ie; Last Name. The second is to amend the user account inside cloudbolt.

Changing Required Attributes

  1. Once logged into CloudBolt as an Admin, Browse to Admin (1) → Security (2) → Single Sign-On (SSO) (3)

  2. Select the SSO configuration you wish to update by clicking on the name

  3. Click on Edit

  4. Scroll down to Required Attributes . If you see the attributes you want to not have as part of your requirements, simply click the X next to it.

  5. Click on Save

  6. Have the user who has changed the corresponding attribute try to log in again

Once the user has updated their information, please go back and reverse your changes as required.

Change the User information

  1. Log in as an admin and click on Admin (1) → Security (2) → Users (3)

  2. Locate the user you wish to update the login details for and click on the name

  3. Click on Manager Profile

  4. Change the attribute that has been updated (This is usually surname or firstname)

  5. Click on Save

  6. The update will show on the users screen

  7. Have the user try to log into Cloudbolt.

Additional information

CloudBolt single sign-on : https://docs.cloudbolt.io/articles/#!cloudbolt-latest-docs/single-sign-on-sso

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