How To Configure an Orchestration action with Github remote source code


In this how to we will show you how to configure your Actions to utilize a connection back to your Github repository. This will allow you to use a username/Personal Access Token to connect to your GIT Repository without having to have a token on your RAW URL.



Creating a connection for Source Code Repository

We will make the assumption that you have never configured a connection to github for source code usage.

  1. From your admin panel click on Connection Info

  2. Click on New Connection Info

  3. In the Name field, type in Source Code Repository.
    NOTE: For this to work you must make the name this, else it will not work.

  4. Enter an IP/Hostname (This can just be or any text as we don’t rely on this for this connection)
    Port can be left empty
    Protocol choose as required (Default it https)
    Username the account name to have atleast read access to the repo
    Password Enter your Personal Access token here
    SSH Key is not required
    Headers This is optional , if you want to use this, you would enter {“PRIVATE-TOKEN”:”<Your Personal Access Token”}

  5. Click on Save to create this new Connection

  6. Now you will see that your new connection is created and ready for use

Creating an action that uses your Source Code Repository Connection

In this example I will create a Server Action as a CloudBolt Plugin that points to my Github RAW URL

  1. Under the Admin tab click on Server Actions

  2. Click on Add a Server Action and click Create New

  3. Click on CloudBolt Plug-in

  4. Click on Add a new CloudBolt plug-in

  5. Provide a Name for your plugin and complete the rest of the fields as required then scroll down to the File location section.

  6. Next to File location place a check in Fetch from URL

  7. Before you paste in your RAW URL from Github, you will need to remove the token component of the URL.
    For Example:


  8. Paste in the truncated / modified URL

  9. Click on Create

  10. Now search for your newly created Server Action and confirm that the code has been inserted correctly. Click the Grey arrow next to the name to display the code.

  11. You are now ready to use the Server Action

Additional information

CloudBolt Actions with remote code :!cloudbolt-latest-docs/actions-with-code/a/h1__1783515544
Github creating a personal access token :
CloudBolt orchestration :!cloudbolt-latest-docs/orchestration

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