Cloudbolt License expired - What to expect


There may be a time where you are waiting on procurement or a new license and your current license expires or has expired. This article will cover what you should expect when you are using an environment that has an expired license.

What Happens?

Once your license expires your CloudBolt appliance will stop you from logging in and you will be presented with a screen outlining your license has expired and to enter or upload a new license.

At this point you will have to contact your account manager to either access a temporary license or to renew licensing. Or as the message mentions, to email or to go to the license request page.


To work around this you can confirm you have setup the rule that will notify you with an email that the license is going to expire. This is the same Rule that runs when you are approaching the license threshold for servers.

By default this job will send and email to the Administrator. You can however amend this to email a specific person or persons.

We will assume you already have configured your SMTP Server and email is working from your appliance.


Confirm the license expiration is configured to notify you

  1. As an Administrator in your Cloudbolt appliance, go to Admin → Orchestration → Rules

  2. Locate the Rule named Email CB Admin when license warning thresholds. Make sure that This is set to enabled and the the Action Send Email is also enabled.

  3. Expand this Rule and click on the pencil to edit

  4. Set the appropriate number of days you wish to be notified before expiration. (The default is 30)

  5. By Default the Send Email will send an email to the admin email address for CloudBolt to notify them that the license will expire soon. Please ensure that you have set the appropriate user or group mail address in the Admin tab → Miscellaneous Settings.

  6. Scroll down to CB Admin E-mail and verify you have the appropriate admin email address configured

Additional information

CloudBolt Email Documentation :!cloudbolt-latest-docs/email
CloudBolt Rules Documentation :!cloudbolt-latest-docs/rules/q/license/qid/8014/qp/4
CloudBolt Miscellaneous Settings :!cloudbolt-latest-docs/miscellaneous-settings/q/mail/qid/8015/qp/8

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