How To manually assign an IP address for a server


You may have a requirement to manually enter an IP address for a server deployment due to your processes. An example usecase :

We have been given an IP Address that already has firewall rules configured, I need to deploy my server/s with the specified IP Address/Addresses.


For this to be available you must ensure you have the following configured:

  • You have the network configured in your Environment

  • You have configured your network as Static or User Defined

  • You DO NOT have a resource pool configured for the network


Configuring your Network

Please be mindful that changing a network for one environment may have an impact on other environments if it is being used there. You may want to clone the network before you make changes.

  1. Go to your Environment and click on the Networks tab

  2. In the list of networks, select the network you wish to amend. In this example it will be one that currently has DHCP assigned.

  3. Since I know that this network is used elsewhere. I will clone this one to a new item and change dhcp to static. Click on the Clone button

  4. Amend the name to reflect the new network name. In this example, dhcp has been changed to static. Then click on Clone

  5. This will take you to the new network you have cloned. Make sure you enter the details associated to this network including gateway/dns/domain/gateway and most importantly. Change the Addressing Schema to static.

  6. Click on Environments and make sure you have this associated to the correct environments

  7. Click on IP Pool. If you have any pools associated here, delete them. In this example there are no resources associated.

  8. Now you should be ready to add this to your blueprint

Entering a Static IP Address on your blueprint

  1. When you order your blueprint, and you select the correct Network for your NIC, it will ask you to enter a Static IP Address

  2. This will now build your server with the assigned IP Address on the correct network.

Additional information

CloudBolt Networks Document :!cloudbolt-latest-docs/networks

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