How To Add the 'Create Snapshot' Action When Selecting Multiple Servers


This document gives an overview of how to add the ‘Create Snapshot’ action and run on the selected servers. This option can be used for different technologies (Resource Handlers) such as Azure, vCenter, etc..


Make sure you have enabled the Create Snapshot action from Admin → Server Action.


Step 1 - Go to Admin → Actions → Select the 'Create Snapshot' as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1:

Step 2 - Click on the Pencil/Edit icon to edit the Plugin

Step 3 - Modify "Resource Technologies" to include your choice of Resource Handlers. See Figure 2 below:

Figure 2:

You can also add Group and Environment constraints accordingly.

Step 4 - Once the settings have been applied according to your requirements, when selecting multiple servers, the server action 'Create Snapshot' will appear. See Figure 3 below:

Figure 3:

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