How To Auto-Power VMs Using the Power Schedule Feature


VMs are not getting powered off as per the scheduled time set by the user. When the VMs are not following the criteria, it is left powered on and carries on, running endlessly. This can become a cause of concern.


  • Make sure the Auto-power control servers Recurring Job has been enabled and is set to run every hour (located at Admin → Recurring Jobs). With this Recurring Job enabled, it will provide an output of servers powered on and off.

  • Double-check the timezone is correct in CloudBolt, by going to Admin → Support Tools → Django Settings and check that TIME_ZONE is set to your desired time.


Step 1 - Go to the below directory location to edit the customer settings file:

  1. /var/opt/cloudbolt/proserv/

  2. Open and edit the file with vi

Step 2 - Choose your own time zone from this link:

  1. or time buddy:

  2. Set the time zone for example: TIME_ZONE = 'America/New_York'

Step 3 - Restart the apache service in your CloudBolt appliance

  1. service httpd restart

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