How To Change a Group To Be A Child Group


This guide will show you how to move a group to be a child of another group.

Please read this document in its entirety before proceeding. The method for amending the database described below does not have the same guardrails as the rest of the CloudBolt GUI so please proceed with care.


  • Parameters may not pass down to the child objects.. This has been tested against 9.4.3 and above without any errors, however, be mindful of the parameters.

  • User permissions don't pass down ie:  a blueprint assigned to the child is not automatically available to the parent group.  You can enable inherit permissions HOWEVER! This makes it do this for all groups and may not be the behavior you want so please be careful.

  • Thoroughly test access / deployments / parameters in a TEST environment before going to production. It is recommended to follow a good backup process before doing this in test and/or production (backups, snapshots).


Moving the group in the GUI

  1. Click on Admin --> Support Tools --> Django Database Browser

  2. Click on Accounts --> Groups

  3. Click on the Group you want to modify. In this example the group we want to move is named SovLabs_Child1​.

  4. Under the parent heading,  I will select a new parent from the drop down box. In this example I will use the group named SovLabs as the parent.

  5. Scroll down and click Save

  6. Prior to the move my groups were flat with no child groups.

  7. ​After adding a parent to the SovLabs_Child1 group. You can see that it is now a child of the SovLabs group.

Additional information

CloudBolt groups and permissions :!cloudbolt-latest-docs/groups-permissions/q/group/qid/6618/qp/1

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