How To - Use the the Restipe and the template engine to make F5 items dynamic


This article will provide an example on how to use the template engine and the F5 Restipe to make items selectable in your blueprint.


  • Have licensed the F5 Module
  • Property Toolkit to be able to provide dynamic selections, else, custom property / property groups to do singular selections


Capture your original Restipe

  1. From the catalog, search for Restipe (1) and then select Request (2) on Manage Restipe Configuration - SovLabs Modules

  2. In the selection screen, we will select update as we will copy the original Restipe. So select the following:
    * Action : Update
    * Filter by type : F5Config
    * Restipe : F5Config-default
    * Type : F5Config

  3. In the RESTipe field, Copy out all the text into a text editor like Notepad++

  4. Click on Cancel to go back to the catalog

Updating your Restipe

In this example, we will update the VIP virtual port to be updated by a custom property

  1. In your copy of the Restipe, locate the heading #-- Virtual IPAM. In this section we will update the item called virtualPort.

  2. The value of virtualPort is what we will change.  In my example I will change it to {{ myVirtualPort | default: "80" | replace: ".0", "" }}

  3. Copy the whole Restipe text from your text editor.
  4. In your catalog, again select Request under Manage Restipe Configuration - SovLabs Modules

  5. This time we will create a new Restipe. Select the following:
    * Action: Create
    * Type: F5Config
    * Configuration label: <Enter a label here, mine will be F5Config-virtualPort>
    * Restipe: Copy the updated restipe you copied before into this text box

  6. Click on Submit

  7. You will see the deployment finish in the deployment tab

Adding the custom property and restipe to your blueprint

  1. edit your blueprint that you have the F5 item on
  2. Click on your blueprint and then select Properties (1) and Custom Properties (2), click on New (3)

  3. In the name, enter the value you used for the virtualPort. In this example it is myVirtualPort. 

  4. Enter a number in Value. In this example I have set the port as 8080 then click on OK

  5. Click on your F5 item on the blueprint

  6. Click on VIP

  7. Under General, select your Restipe from the RESTipe field. In this example, I am selecting F5Config-virtualPort

  8. Click on Finish (If you see a popup click on OK).  This is the default behavior each time you modify a field on your F5

  9. Go to your catalog and locate the blueprint.  Request this blueprint so you are on the request page.  You will see in your F5 config the default VIP port on mine is set to 2.

  10. In the F5, you will see the VIP Change to 8080

  11. You have been able to successfully provide the input for a value in your F5 that overrides the default values.   This can also be done using property toolkit to completely change the configuration of the F5 depending on your requirements.

Additional information

SovLabs F5 Documentation :
SovLabs Restipe Guide : 

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