SovLabs Legacy OneFuse Migration Utility

Disclaimer: This guide is only supported for OneFuse v1.0 and v1.0.1 only

This Migration Tool allows users who are currently leveraging the SovLabs vRealize Automation 7 Legacy Plugin to move existing module configurations from Legacy SovLabs into OneFuse.

Table of Contents

Migrating SovLabs vRA 7 Legacy Module Configurations

Automatically migrate your existing SovLabs vRA 7 Legacy Module Configurations to OneFuse as Policies. This utility is provided upon request only

Request access to the SovLabs Legacy OneFuse Migration Utility

  1. To obtain a copy of the migration utility, please submit a support request at

Import Package into vRealize Orchestrator

  1. Import the SovLabs OneFuse Migration package using the VMware Supported Orchestrator package procedure located here

Using the Utility

  1. Select the Workflows tab in the top right-hand corner of the vRealize Orchestrator client.

  2. On the left of the screen navigate to the SovLabs>Migrate folder.

  3. Select the workflow “Migrate to OneFuse"

  4. Click the Start workflow…  icon in the centered menu at the top of the vRealize Orchestrator Client.

  5. Select the VMware vRealize Automation Endpoint connection relevant to this migration, and then click Next

  6. In the “OneFuse Endpoint” section of the “Start Workflow : Migrate to OneFuse” dialog, click the blue box titled SovLabs OneFuse Endpoint to migrate content to, and select the VMware vRealize Automation Endpoint connection relevant to this migration

  7. Fill out the field titled “Password for user username-from-connection used for connection to SovLabs OneFuse Endpoint”. Click Next

  8. In the “Module to Migrate” section of the “Start Workflow : Migrate to OneFuse” dialog, select the Module that should be migrated. Click Next

Migrate all Policies

  1. In the “Policies to Migrate” section of the “Start Workflow : Migrate to OneFuse” dialog, select whether or not to Migrate all Policies? and Overwrite Policies already existing in SovLabs OneFuse?

  2. Then click Submit to execute the Workflow with the selected inputs 

Migrate Individual Policies

  1. In the “Policies to Migrate” section of the “Start Workflow: Migrate to OneFuse” dialog, click the blue box titled Select which Policies should be migrated.

  2. In the “Array of string” dialog, use the New Value dropdown to select an existing Policy in VMware vRealize Automation.

  3. Click Insert value to add it to the list of policies to be migrated. It is not possible to select the same Policy multiple times.

  4. Once all relevant policies have been added to the list in the “Array of string” dialog, click Accept

  5. Click Submit to execute the Workflow with the selected inputs.

Workflow Output

A workflow output will display information about what has been migrated, and any potential issues. It will also provide information, if any, on if the migrated items require manual editing in SovLabs OneFuse to address missing passwords or incompatibilities with the new Template Engine language. 

  1. Once the workflow has been submitted and executed, select the Workflow Token underneath the “Migrate to OneFuse” workflow.

  2. Switch to the Logs tab in the middle of the vRealize Orchestrator client

  3. Notate any items listed as Errors in RED. These errors will notate which specific migration elements may need additional updates manually inside the OneFuse Platform

Audit Log 

  1. To view an audit log of the inputs selected and items migrated during a specific workflow execution, switch to the Resources tab in the top right-hand corner of the vRealize Orchestrator client. 

  2. Navigate to: Library>SovLabs>Migrate

  3. Inside the Migrate folder will be a dated .txt file with the Migration records

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