F5 - create a Health Check Monitor for OneFuse cluster F5 pool

This article explains how to configure an F5 Health Check Monitor for your OneFuse F5 cluster pool members.

This requires administrative access to F5.

Create the Monitor in F5

In F5 console:

  1. Go to Local Traffic → Monitors

  2. Click the Create button at the top

  3. Select HTTPS for the monitor type. Once you do this, a form will appear for the rest of the Health Check Monitor settings. (see Fig 1 below)

Fig 1

In the Name field, you can call this anything you want. I called mine onefuse_status

In the Send String field enter

GET /api/v3/status/\r\n

In the Receive String field enter


NOTE: Receive String is not case sensitive

You should not need to change the defaults for anything else.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to choose HTTPS for the Alias Service Port field at the time you create the monitor. You won’t be able to update once you save it, and the monitor may not work if this is not selected.

Depending on your F5 version, you may be able to test the Monitor before you apply it to your Pool members. Check your F5 documentation for details.

Apply the Monitor to the Pool

Once you have created the Monitor, apply it to your OneFuse pool as shown in Fig 2 below

Fig 2
  1. In the F5 console, go to Local Traffic → Pools → Pool list. Click on the OneFuse pool.

  2. Highlight the onefuse_status monitor in the Available list, and click the left arrows to move it to the Active list.

  3. Click the Update button to update the Pool

  4. The Availability icon should be Green and show “Available”. If it turns red, remove the onefuse_status monitor from the Active list on the pool and Update, then check your monitor’s configuration to make sure it’s correct.

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