How To: Reset the 'admin' password on the OneFuse Appliance


Follow the below steps to reset the password for the ‘admin’ account in the OneFuse Appliance


This can also be done for local accounts created in the OneFuse Appliance


Reset the password via SSH

  1. SSH to your OneFuse/Cloudbolt instance

  2. Run the following command: /opt/cloudbolt/ changepassword admin

    1. You can change ‘admin’ to the local username if needed to change it for other local accounts

  3. Enter in the new password

    1. Password must meet at least 2 more of the following criteria:

      1. Must contain at least 1 digit, 0-9

      2. Must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, A-Z

      3. Must contain at least 1 symbol: |`~!@#$%^&*_-+=;:'",<>./?

  4. Log into the OneFuse instance to confirm the password change

Additional information

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