DNS Resolution fails after retries exhausted


OneFuse DNS job fails - verification of DNS records does not complete successfully.


Dns validation happens from the OneFuse appliance. If there is a firewall between the OneFuse appliance and the DNS resolver and no rules exist allowing connectivity between OneFuse and the resolver on port 53, validation will time out due to lack of connectivity.

The OneFuse appliance must be able to talk to the DNS resolver on port 53.

Affected Versions

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Workaround or Solution


You can do this simple test to see if connectivity between your OneFuse appliance and DNS resolver(s) is functioning:


  1. SSH into the OneFuse appliance as root user

  2. Type curl -v telnet://<your_DNS_resolver_fqdn>:53 on the command line and hit enter

    1. The results will look similar to that of below

      “Connected to <dns_resolver>  port 53 (#0)”, connectivity is established successfully"
  3. If the command hangs and does not return a “Connected to” message, it indicates that connectivity between the OneFuse appliance and the DNS resolver is not open. Update your firewall appropriately.

    Source: OneFuse appliance IP address(es)
    Destination : DNS Resolver(s) IP address(es)
    Port: 53

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