How To Get the Value of Global Defaults of a Parameter From Within a CloudBolt Plugin (AKA Hook)


This article shows how to get the global default value of a parameter within a CB plug-in


You have a parameter name ‘test_test' with a global default as ‘my value’ configured in the UI like:


Step 1 Import required modules

from behavior_mapping.models import CustomFieldMapping

Step 2 Get the CustomFieldMapping of the parameter like:

  1. cfm=CustomFieldMapping.objects.get(custom_field__name='test_test', default__isnull=False)

Step 3 Get the default

  1. cfm.default

Out[11]: <CustomFieldValue: test = myval>

Step 4 Get the default value:

  1. cfm.default.value

Out[12]: 'myval'

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