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The vRA Usage Reporting workflow is used to accurately gather the number of ESXi Hosts, CPUs and Virtual Machines that are being managed by vRA for billing and licensing purposes. 

This is a quick guide to installing and running the vRA Usage Report workflow. 


The user is expected to have access to the vRO server connected their vRA instance, along with a relevant user account with the correct permissions to install vRO packages as well as the vRO package to be installed. 


Installing the Package

Update 12/21/20: There is an updated package that resolves some issues with occasional over-reporting of defunct records in vCenter.

Download the latest package here:

SovLabs Plug-in 2019.14.0 or newer

  1. The workflow is packaged in the SovLabs Plug-in, but you may want to download and install the latest package (linked above).  If you choose to download the latest and install, follow the procedure below for downloading and installing.
  2. You can go to it by selecting the Workflow Tab and navigating to SovLabs > Reporting > vRA Usage Report

SovLabs Plug-in prior to 2019.14.0 - dowload and import the packate

  1. Login to vRO instance

  2. Navigate to the Packages tab (Design View Dropdown > Packages Tab) and click Import package
  3. Navigate to the Package and click Open.
  4. Click "Import Once" or "Import and Trust provider" when prompted. 
  5. Check the box against the workflow and Click "Import Selected elements"

  6. The workflow is now ready for use. 


  1. Start the workflow and enter the relevant information in the fields then click “Next”.
  2. Select vRA IaaS Endpoint and click the Submit button
  3.  Choose whether you wish to see a detailed output of the report in the vRO logs (“License Report and Details”) or whether you wish to see basic logging (“License Report”). Click “Submit” to start the workflow. 

  4. There is a user interaction form which will allow you to choose a location to save the file.

  5. It is possible to copy the output log to clipboard by clicking on the highlighted button.

  6. The report will be in the folder where you chose to save the file.

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