BlueCat Logout errors on multiple VM deployment


When you deploy multiple VMs using Bluecat for your IPAM/DNS you may have a failure. The logs will display an error similar to:

[2020-10-12 10:57:46.741] [I] addDnsForBluecat : BlueCat thread unlocked in error handler : BluecatRuntimeException: An error has occurred while attempting to call the 'logout' method via REST: No trusted certificate found


This could be caused by the account logging out of a previous workflow that has completed causing subsequent workflows to fail that may have already been in progress.

Affected Versions

  • All versions



Setting the Disable Logout for BlueCat

  1. In vRA click on Deployments (1) and then filter by SovLabs BlueCat Endpoint (2)

  2. Click on the actions drop down next to your BlueCat Endpoint and Select Update BlueCat Endpoint

  3. Click on the Advanced tab at the top

  4. Next to Advanced Settings, click on New (1) and enter the key as DisableLogout and the Value as True (2). Click on OK.

  5. Click on Submit at the bottom of the page

  6. This will update your BlueCat endpoint. Once completed. Test your deployments again to validate that you do not see logout failures.

Additional information

SovLabs BlueCat IPAM Configuration :
SovLabs BlueCat DNS Configuration :

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