Set Up Recurring Reports on a Jasper Reports Server


If you have opted to set up a JasperReports server, you can schedule reports to be emailed out on a recurring basis. Below are basic instructions for an admin to configure this.  For more detailed instructions, see the JasperReports documentation in the References section. 

The web user interface to JasperReports can be found at http://jasper-server:8080/jasperserver


Configure SMTP

To send email notifications, the JasperReports Server first needs to be configured with correct SMTP settings. This is described in the JasperReports Server Installation Guide.  Below are the basic steps required:

ssh root@jasper-server
vi /opt/cloudbolt_bi/apache-tomcat-7.0.34/webapps/jasperserver/WEB-INF/
/etc/init.d/jasperserver stop
/etc/init.d/jasperserver start

Now hit the web UI to confirm your changes applied:

If the web UI does not come up, check your SMTP settings again.  The must be a valid resolvable hostname.

Schedule a Report Job

To schedule a recurring report job, navigate to the CloudBolt reports.

  1. Top nav View > Repository

  2. In the left nav, open the folder Root / Reports / CloudBolt

  3. Right-click on a report and click "Schedule..."

  4. On the next page, click "Schedule Job"

  5. Set up the job details & recurrence schedule, click "Next"

  6. Enter the report-specific parameters. This map to object IDs in CloudBolt, which you can determine from CloudBolt URLs (e.g. /groups/9/). Also, the C2 URL should be "http://your-c2-hostname-or-ip". Next.

  7. Fill in remaining job details including email address, subject, whether to attach the report file, and where to store the reports within the Jasper server repo.

The C2 Internal reports can also be exported, but there is currently no mechanism to schedule them or email them out automatically.

That should be it. If you have any questions about this, we'll be happy to answer them.
Guides for the version we ship (5.0.0):

  • User Guide

  • Admin Guide

  • Install Guide

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