Automatically select the least-utilized vCenter datastore


  • I have multiple datastores named DS1, DS2, & DS3 available to my vCenter instance.

  • When provisioning new servers, I want CloudBolt to automatically use the data store with the most available capacity.

  • The user should not have to select or interact with the available datastores.


  1. For a given vCenter-backed environment, go to the VMware tab and click "import parameters from <resource handler name>".  This will import all available datastore and resource pools from the associated vCenter instance.

  2. Note the datastores from which you want CloudBolt to choose.

  3. Click the "Edit" pencil and click "remove all" to remove all datastores from the list.

  4. Click "Add Another" and enter each datastore as a comma-delimited list, e.g. DS1, DS2, DS3. There should only be ONE value consisting of a comma-delimited string of datastore names in the list of datastores.

    • Since there's only one option, the datastore parameter will be hidden from the user and the single option will be automatically selected.

  5. Click Save.

    • For servers in this environment, CloudBolt will now select the datastore with the freest space from the list DS1, DS2, and DS3

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