How To Convert an OVA to an AMI


This article discusses how to convert CloudBolt OVA to an AMI



  1. Name the ova something like <original ova>.ova.tgz

  2. Untar the OVA

    • tar xvf <original ova>.ova.tgz

  3. Create an S3 bucket to use for image storage during conversion

    • This name of this bucket is passed to the ec2-import-image on the -b switch.

  4. Use ec2-import-image

    • ec2-import-instance cloudbolt- \
      -f VMDK \
      -t t2.medium \
      -p Linux \
      -a x86_64 \
      -b demo-amis \
      -o $AWS_ACCESS_KEY \
      -w $AWS_SECRET_KEY

  5. Watch conversion status with:

    • ec2-describe-conversion-tasks

  6. It takes a while, but eventually an instance shows up configured with the contents of the VMDK.

    • Note: it takes a while even after the conversion process has completed.

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