ServiceNow ITSM Account Configuration


Minimum Roles required for CloudBolt ITSM to create records in ServiceNOW CMDB tables.

Workaround or Solution


How to grant permissions to Service Account in ServiceNow.

Granting a User Account permissions

  1. Log into ServiceNOW as a admin.

  2. Search for Users in the left navigation menu. Select Users menu.

  3. Either Create or Select the User account to be used with CloudBolt.

  4. The module requires an ServiceNow account with the roles "asset" and "web_service_admin" installed.

Validate Table Access

  1. Make sure the destination tables for the records has appropriate access. (By default the above roles can create records)

  2. If custom Business Rules were configured in the environment preventing record insertion, make sure the Service Account being used for the integration also has appropriate rights.

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