Getting Started with Kubernetes


Starting in CloudBolt 5.1, the product supports connecting to Kubernetes to deploy pods of containers as part of service deployment.  The 3 steps get started with this functionality are:

  1. Install Kubernetes (or set up an account with a hosted Kubernetes service)

  2. Connect CB to Kubernetes

  3. Add container pods to your CB Blueprints

  1. Install Kubernetes

The steps for the installation of Kubernetes are very environment-dependent. I would recommend starting here to get it installed:

Alternately, you could use Google's hosted container service to avoid a lot of the Kubernetes setup:


  1. Connect CB to Kubernetes

After you've got one of those options set up and working, you can go to the CloudBolt UI to Admin > Container Orchestrators > "Add a container orchestrator" to connect CB to Kubernetes.


  1. Add container pods to your CB Blueprints

Now you can add pods to your CloudBolt blueprints to deploy containers.  In the CloudBolt UI, go to Service Catalog --> add a new blueprint or edit an existing one --> Service Items --> press the "+ Pod" button.


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