How To Configure CloudBolt to provision a large set of physical servers?


CloudBolt supports a number of ways to allow builds of physical servers. You can have requesters enter the necessary IPMI information at order time, or save the different available physical servers as Preconfiguration options. However, sometimes you might want to quickly import a large number of identical physical servers to make them available for users to provision towards.


For this process, you can use the Resource Pool facility, this can support the import of a CSV file. Note that you should be on 5.3-rc1 or later to complete the process below.


Step 1: Navigate to Admin->Internal Entities->Resource Pools.

Step 2: On the Resource Pools page, click the “Add a resource pool” button to open a new dialog box. In the form, enter a name for the Resource Pool. You can enter the details as shown in the example from the screenshot and click create.

Step 3: Find the newly-created Resource Pool in the list and select it to view the details page. Navigate to its Values tab and click “Upload values in CSV format”.

Step 4: Create a CSV file with information on all the physical servers that belong in this Resource Pool

Step 5: Once you have a file ready, press the “Browse” button in the Cloudbolt UI to locate and select it. Then click “Upload”.

Look over the values that have been populated in the Resource Pool to confirm they look correct.
Now, when someone orders a server from an Environment associated with this Resource Pool, they will not be asked about the IPMI settings or MAC address in the order form. Instead, it will automatically select the next available physical server in the pool and provision to that.

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