Deploy CloudBolt in Nutanix Acropolis


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CloudBolt OVA - Download and Extraction

  1. Download the CloudBolt Installer from the CloudBolt Downloads Page
  2. Download a copy of the CloudBolt RHEL Setup Script – (Possibly remove. Can't spin up our box so...)
  3. Extract the CloudBolt OVA file to a directory on your computer
  4. Once you have the files extracted, continue on to the next section

Nutanix Acropolis - Import CloudBolt Instance

  1. Log into the Nutanix Acropolis/Prism web interface
  2. Select the gear icon on the right which will take you to the Settings screen
  3. Once you're in the Settings screen, we're going to select Image Configuration -> + Upload Image
  4. Fill out the fields on the Create Image screen and click Save
    1. Name = CloudBolt or whatever you choose
    2. Annotation = Can be left blank
    3. Image Type = DISK
    4. Storage Container = Select which one you'd like to use
    5. Image Source = Upload a File
      1. Select the .vmdk file that you extracted earlier
  5. Once you click Save, you should see that a new task was kicked off
  6. It will take some time to upload the vmdk file (please be patient)
  7. Once the upload is complete, move onto the next section

Nutanix Acropolis - Create CloudBolt Instance

  1. Select VM from the drop-down and click on + Create VM
  2. Fill out the fields on the Create VM screen
    1. General Configuration
      1. Name = CloudBolt or whatever you choose
      2. Description = Optional
      3. Timezone
      4. DO NOT check Use this VM as an agent VM
    2. Compute Details
      1. vCPU(s) = 2
      2. Number of Cores Per vCPU = 1
      3. Memory = 8 GB
    3. Disks
      1. Select + Add New Disk
      2. Type = DISK
      3. Operation = Clone from Image Service
      4. Bus Type = SCSI
      5. Image = Image Name
      6. Index = Next Available
      7. Once you have that configured, click Add
    4. Boot Configuration
      1. Leave as Legacy Bios and Default Boot Order
    5. Volume Groups
      1. Skip
    6. Network Adapters (NIC)
      1. Select + Add New NIC
      2. Select your Network Name from the drop down
      3. Network Connection State = Connected
      4. Once you have the configured, click Add
    7. VM Host Affinity
      1. Skip or configure Affinity if you want it
  3. Now that you have all of that configured, click Save and you should see that your VM is being created
  4. Once your VM is complete, locate your new VM in the Table and click Power On
  5. Once the VM is powered on, continue on to the next section

CloudBolt Appliance - Configuration

  1. /shrug

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