java.lang.NullPointerException when using Tagging / DRS / Snapshot


When you run one of the modules that utilises the SovLabs vCenter Endpoint you are presented with an error similar to the following in the vRO workflow

[2020-03-19 14:06:56.988] [D] ssoconn is instantiated
[2020-03-19 14:06:57.357] [E] — STACKTRACE —
at com.vmware.vapi.internal.saml.SamlTokenImpl.createStandaloneCopy(
at com.vmware.vapi.internal.saml.SamlTokenImpl.<init>(


This error is due to invalid username and/or password for the credentials used to access the vCenter Endpoint

Affected Versions

  • All versions as this is a credential issue

Workaround or Solution


Review, update and change the credentials for your vCenter endpoint

  1. In your catalog (1), search for credentials (2) and click on Request (3) under  "Manage Credential Configuration - SovLabs Modules"

  2. Next to Action (1) select Update, Filter By type (2) select vCenter Endpoint,Credential (3) select your credential to manage.  This should be enough to display the username (4)

  3. Verify the username is correct and retype the password.  Once done click on Submit

  4. Once completed, test your deployment and validate a success deployment.

Additional information

SovLabs Credential Manager :
SovLabs vSphere DRS :
SovLabs vSphere Snapshot :
SovLabs VM Tagging : 

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