Business Group on catalog items do not match Business Group name



The following information is provided based on our experience with vRA.  We highly recommend raising a support request with VMWare if the below information either does not resolve your issues or if you have other questions or concerns on how or why this has happened.

When you look at the catalog you see that the business group does not match the business group you are entitled too

Example of the business group name

Example of business group seen on catalog items


The business group has been renamed but it does not update the entitlement.  So the name you are seeing on the catalog items is the previous name of your business group.  Common reasons a business group is renamed are:

  1. The business group was copied, the original removed and then the copy renamed to the original
  2. A spelling error was fixed post entitlement for the business group

Affected Versions

  • This is not a SovLabs specific issue and affects vRA business groups and entitlements

Workaround or Solution


To resolve this issue you must remove and re add the entitlements of your business group for the changes to take affect.

Please double check with your vRA administrators if your business group has been renamed.

Remove and re add your business group entitlement 

  1. Within vRA, click on Administration (1), Catalog Management (2) and click on Entitlements (3)

  2. Locate the business group you want to amend (1) and click on Edit (2)

  3. Click on Items & Approvals (1) and for each entitled service, click the drop down and click Remove (2)
    NOTE:  Take note of all entitled Services and Entitled Items in case you need to re add additional items.

  4. Once removed, click on Finish

  5. Repeat steps 1 & 2

  6. Next to Entitled Services click the green plus (plus) (1) and add in all the services you need to add back to entitlements (2) and click on OK (3)
    NOTE: You may need to double check the entitled items and add these back in. We will concentrate on only the entitled services for now

  7. Click on Finish

  8. Go back to your catalog items and confirm the catalog is populated with the appropriate entitled items and that you see the appropriate business group name

Additional information

VMWare How to create a business group :

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