Notification Email Group and templating the To CC or BCC line with commas


Using template engine syntax that contains a comma " , " in the To, CC or BCC line of your Notification Email Group results in the template syntax being split across two lines when you go to update that Notification Email Group.

For example, you enter a single line of code before saving the Notification Email Group which will work as anticipated

When you go to Update this group you will see that the code is split across two lines


We have disallowed the use of commas " , " in the To, CC or BCC fields of the Notification Email Group which has the side affect of limiting the options for templating to filters that do not have commas " , ".

Affected Versions

  • 2018.1.0 and above

Workaround or Solution


When you update the Notification Email Group you will have to copy the multiple lines of text out of the appropriate fields, delete the line and recreate the single line of template syntax. 

Additional information

SovLabs Template Engine :
SovLabs Notifications :

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