Domain Joined VM's have -0 appended to their names


After you deploy a Virtual Machine and it uses the VMWare customization spec it domain joins the server but creates the computer object with -0.


This is a VMWare customization specification feature.  When it does the domain join it will not fail or error but append the -0 to the end of the computer object in Active Directory IF the computer account already exists.  During testing we found that if your computer account happens to have 001 or 01 it may try to drop the leading 0 first. Example: COMPUTERNAME001 may become COMPUTERNAME01 or  COMPUTERNAME01 may become COMPUTERNAME1.

Affected Versions

  • This is not related to SovLabs but to the VMWare customization spec and active directory.

Workaround or Solution


You have a couple of options to resolve this issue.

  1. Review your Active Directory
    1. Clean up orphaned computer object accounts
  2. Review current build and cleanup process
    1. Confirm if you only have a vRA managed environment or if users are deploying VM's from templates
    2. SovLabs modules when implemented will do the  setup for you but also the clean up for you (Especially if you use the Active Directory module)
  3. Use the SovLabs Active Directory module to stage computer objects
    1. When you use our Active Directory module, it will try to create the computer account in active directory (in your chosen OU) before the VMWare Customization Spec runs.  If it finds a computer accounts already exists in AD it will fail the build and provide you with an error similar to the below in the Active Directory Debug Logs from vRO.

      [2019-08-30 06:00:49.322] [E] Workflow execution stack:
      item: 'AD machineBuilding/item22', state: 'failed', business state: 'null', exception: 'Failed to add '' to OU: OU=servers,Dc=domain,DC=nameOU=servers,Dc=domain,DC=name or SecurityGroup  - [object sovlabsRemoterResponse] ERROR: DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [sovlabsRemoterResponse]-[class com.sovlabs.vra.remoter.RemoterResponse] -- VALUE : RemoterResponse{exitCode=null, stdout='null', stderr='null'} (Workflow:AD machineBuilding / Add to AD (item8)#61)'
      workflow: 'AD machineBuilding' (ed6e4ab0-2b55-4971-96fe-52db50f5aa1c)

Additional information

SovLabs Microsoft AD :

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