Manual steps for isolating errors - RedHat Satellite module


This process shows how to manually walk through what happens during the RedHat Satellite module's process to isolate the problem.


A number of issues can cause the RedHat Satellite module to fail, from misconfiguration of the RedHat Satellite or Capsule to incorrect templated values being passed in for things like the Activation key, the Capsule server and the Organization.

Affected Versions

  • Any

Workaround or Solution


Here are the steps to manually walk through the steps that typically happen during the SovLabs RedHat Satellite provisioning workflow.

Questions to ask:

1.) Is a Capsule server being used?   (A capsule server is a component of Satellite that is used to distribute patches to local infrastructure, so that patch files aren't distributed over WAN.  It would be typical to have a Capsule server per data center to serve patches to those local environments)

  •     If so, any needed firewall rules between vRO IP addresses and the Capsule servers must be opened  (not a typical problem but if process fails very quickly with a connection refused error, it's worth knowing)
  •     Capsule server must be have good Communication status and Sync should have been successful.

in RH Satellite console, go to Infrastructure → Capsules

2.) Can a host be manually registered to Satellite from the command line?

To test this:

  • Provision a RedHat VM without the SovLabs RedHat Satellite property group attached, so that the RedHat Satellite workflow does not run during provisioning.
  • Log into the provisioned VM as root and run the following steps:

a. Install the katello CA:
rpm -ivh http://<your_redhat_fqdn>/pub/katello-ca-consumer-latest.noarch.rpm  

b. Register the host using your activation key and Org:

subscription-manager register --activationkey="your_key" --org="your_org"   (quotes are needed)

You can see the values for this command in the customer's  vRO log file:

The next 2 commands are entered as-is with no parameters:

c. Attach to the subscription Manager:
subscription-manager attach --auto

d. Get repoID to use with step e.) and copy the name of it-
subscription-manager repos | grep satellite-tools

e. enable repo:
subscription-manager repos --enable <RepoID>  where <RepoID> is the value returned by the command in step d.

f. install the katello agent

yum -y install katello-agent


If any of these steps fails, engage your RH Satellite administrator to troubleshoot.

If the steps succeed, log into the RedHat Satellite console and confirm that the Host is registered and subscribed in Satellite:

Go to Hosts → Content Hosts:

Click on the host and check the following:

Once all of these steps can be done successfully, it can be re-enabled on the test blueprint and tested.

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