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Cohesity - Account Setup


It may not be desirable to provide full rights to your infrastructure. This article will provide the steps required to provide the least amount of permissions to ensure full functionality of our module


  • Have licensed cohesity

  • Have configured all the protection jobs you require

  • Have installed and licensed the Cohesity module from SovLabs

  • Have account/s created ready for Cohesity Access


Role Creation

  1. Once logged into your Cohesity console, click on admin and select access management from the drop down

  2. Under access management click on Roles

  3. Click on Add Customer Role

  4. Provide a name for your new role (Description is optional)

  5. The ONLY items you need to check are as follows:

    1. Data Protection

      1. View Protection Jobs

      2. Manage Protection Jobs

      3. Protection Job Operator

      4. Manage Sources

    2. Recovery Management

      1. View Recover Tasks

      2. Manage Recover Tasks

  6. Go through and remove the check from everything else and then click on Save Changes

Add user to the new role

  1. Click on Users & Groups

  2. In this example we will add an existing user to the group.
    Select the user from the list by clicking the Name

  3. Click on pencil to Edit

  4. Under Roles, select the newly created role

  5. Click on Save Changes

  6. You now have an account with a very minimal set of permissions that can perform all the actions required from the Cohesity SovLabs module.

Additional information

SovLabs Cohesity Module :

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