Sovlabs module configuration for multi Tenant Single vRA/vRO


In this how to, we will go over how you would setup the SovLabs modules to work on a second tenant when you are using a single vRO server and vRA server.


  • Have licensed your SovLabs modules
  • Have already installed and run the SovLabs configuration and setup end to end on a tenant already and you have added another tenant
  • Your subsequent tenant/s have been configured to use the same vRO server and are ready to consume the SovLabs modules
  • You have run through all pre reqs for the second tenant and are ready to run the SovLabs configuration

NOTE:  As you are using the same vRA / vRO tenant you should be able to start from step 2.3 of the SovLabs Pre Requisites.


Confirm your new tenant has no catalog items for SovLabs

  1. Log into your vRA tenant https://<VRAServer>/vcac/org/<tenant>
  2. On the Catalog page, you should see no SovLabs modules

Run the SovLabs Configuration against your second tenant

  1. Log into vRO and browse to Sovlabs (1) → Configuration (2)

  2. Right click on SovLabs Configuration and select Start workflow

  3. Place a check in the Yes field (1) and click Next (2)

  4. In the vRA tenant Name field, drop down and select your second tenant you have created

  5. In the Business group name (1) it will automatically select your business group if there is a single one, Check Yes (2) to create the catalog items, enter the name of your security group (3) that will be entitled to the catalog items, Place a yes (4) next to publish license content and click Next (5)

  6. Place a check in Yes for Upgrade existing SovLabs vRA Content (1), and Yes for Update F5 RESTipe 'F5Config-Default' (2) then click Next (3)

  7. Leave the defaults and click Submit

  8. Once the workflow completes, you will see only the Create or Update SovLabs LifeCycle Stubs will have run and completed successfully.

  9. Log into your second tenant and confirm if you can see the catalog items.  If you do not see the items straight away you may have to wait 15 minutes

  1. Sub-step 2

Step 3 Heading

  1. Sub-step 1
  2. Sub-step 2

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